How to network at FDDay

Welcome to our exciting startup event! We’re thrilled to have you for a day filled with innovation, inspiration, and endless opportunities. Before, during and after the FDDay, you’ll have several possibilities to network with your peers attending the event.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can make the most out of your networking experience:

#1 — Join the FDTour

This is our largest business meeting track between startups and investors ahead of your next funding rounds. When getting your ticket, make sure to select « I am interested in meeting investors ». Don’t wait too much to get your ticket, seats are limited, and there’s a deadline to join this track (September, 12).


#2 — Our networking app

Connect on our networking app – Break the ice with other attendees during the FDDay! 

With over 5.000 attendees expected on-site, we’re sure you’ll make cool connections. Thanks to filters, boost your network and secure meetings with other attendees (entrepreneurs, c-levels, investors).

Here are the steps to secure meetings ahead of the day:

  • Get your ticket for the FDDay. Once done, you’ll receive an email invite to create your account on our networking app
  • Enhance your profile with a picture, contacts, and what you’re looking for during the event. An AI system will help match you with relevant profiles to network with.
  • Send meeting requests through the app and check for new confirmations.
  • If there’s a match, you can :
    • Book a table for a 20-minute meeting in a dedicated space “networking area” (open from 1pm to 6pm).
    • During the morning or if all tables are booked, you can still communicate through the app and arrange to meet elsewhere at the venue. The information point at the entrance or the foodcourt are good places to meet!
  • During the event, it’s also suggested to use QR codes (available in the app) to connect with other attendees. Theirs contacts will be saved and available on the FDDay app for follow-up communications.

This option is open to all attendees registered on the app.


#3 — Join our “Starteuf”, the amazing FDDay closing party

We’ll end the day with a one-of-a-kind line up to celebrate the tech ecosystem.

It will be your last chance to network with attendees while partying and enjoying (incredible) DJ Sets and a giant karaoke session!


Remember, networking is not just about collecting contacts; it’s about building relationships. Approach each interaction with authenticity, and you’ll find that our event is the perfect place to foster connections that can fuel your startup journey. Enjoy the event, and happy networking!

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