Welcome at the FDDay


Dear French Ministers, visitors, partners, media, exhibitors, volunteers, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors… Thank you for being with us today. It’s truly a pleasure to be all under the same roof and celebrate the Tech ecosystem.

To make your journey as smooth as possible, you’ll find below some useful links to the map, the programme… and many more!

#1 β€” Our best advice for an easy peasy journey

Our first (and best tip) is to use our FDDay app powered by Brella on your mobile phone. You’ll have all useful informations right in your pocket!

πŸ‘‰ if you already have an account, go on the Brella app and sign in with the email you used to get your FDDay ticket.
πŸ‘‰ if you don’t have an account, search for an email called « Hurray! Start networking at the FDDay πŸš€Β Β». We’ve sent it once again this morning so it’s easier to find. You’ll have all the details to set up your account.


#2 β€” Know your way for this special (FD)day

I want to see the map!

#3 β€” Read the full programme of the FDDay

Over here πŸ‘‹

#4 β€” Discover our top notch speakers

Discover all our speakers

#5 β€” Get your earphones out and click here to use our instant translation tool on the πŸŽͺ Cabaret Stage πŸŽͺ

Ready to be fluent!

#6 β€” Get your earphones out and click here to use our instant translation tool on the 🎭 Theater Stage 🎭

Ready to be fluent!

#7 β€” Want to network like a champion? Here’s how you’ll get the most of your day

Start networking

#8 β€” In-between conferences? Have a read at our 2023 Barometer on economic and social performance of French start-ups (in French only πŸ₯–)

Let’s have a read!

#9 β€” Looking for something else to read? Lucky you! You can check out our LETS2023 mapping out 135 European champions rocking the world.

I wan’t to know more!

Need some help?

Meet us at the information point, near the entrance of the FDDay. We’ll try our best to help you out!

France Digitale’s team